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Francine E. Block, MAT, CEP, is a counselor and teacher by profession and passion. With over three decades of professional experience focusing on education, she has distinguished herself as an entrepreneur and nationally recognized expert in college admissions.

Francine is a sought after speaker for keynote presentations, seminars, and workshops for college admissions fairs, professional association meetings, in-house corporate seminars, and school districts.

Francine has presented at conferences for NACAC, PACAC, SACAC, NYSACAC, HECA, College Board, Pennsylvania State Treasurer, MBNA, and the Council Rock, Moorestown, and Plymouth Whitemarsh School Districts.

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Francine draws on her experience and expertise to educate and inspire when speaking on topics such as:


How to Select the Right College
Many factors go into finding just the right college, including size, location, majors offered, and special interests.

What to Do on a College Visit
Why an onsite college visit is important and what to do once you’re on campus.

How to Prepare for a College Interview
What kind of questions will a student be asked? What to wear? Avoid mistakes that can make the interview a missed opportunity.

What Colleges Are Looking for in Applicants
Though the short answer is grades, grades, grades, learn the importance of test scores, essays, and activities.

Stressed Out Students
What classes are right for your child, when to start SAT test prep, what about school and summer activities? Help the student be a participant in the college admissions process.

My Student has Hired an Independent Consultant, Now What?
How do independent consultants work with public and private school counselors? What is the interaction between colleges and independent consultants? Who does what in the college application process?

College Separation Anxiety: How to Let Go (for Parents)
Learn about the adjustments for both parents and students, including lifestyle changes, finances, trust, and communication. When do you interfere? When do you stay quiet?

Surviving First Semester (for Students)
Lifestyle changes students will encounter include drinking, drugs, and parties. Learn about time management, co-ed living, where to find help on campus and how to get involved on campus.

When Does No Mean No!!!!!
Baby Boomers typically need to share and control. Don’t be a parent who behaves badly but learn how to set boundaries.


You’ve Got the Job, Now What—For New College Counselors
Learn about the challenges and concerns faced by new professionals and get an overview of terminology and fundamental knowledge of the field. Learn also about the importance of professional networking.

Certification---Moving the Profession of College Counseling Forward
What is the CEP exam and what are the benefits of professional accreditation? Learn what requirements and knowledge are necessary to apply for CEP.

I Have Hung Up My Shingle--Now What?
Learn about the business issues of a solo or group consulting practice, including, legal, financial, and office space. Learn about additional knowledge areas such as athletics, performing arts, and learning differences. What about professional development, membership in professional associations, college contacts?

Score Choice: Confusion, Chaos, and Concern
How to counsel students on test taking, strategies, and how to use this option for student’s advantage.


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